Friday, 27 March 2015
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Record-Breaking Season

2012 has seen a number of exciting firsts for our racing. It's the first year that the new Irish P750 Class Association looked after the national racing championship, and also the promotion of the sport. It's also a return to full racing after a one-year absence ...with racing this year at some seriously high-profile venues and events.

The season is now complete and we're delighted to be able to announce the final championship table:
1st Place: 'Batman & Robin', Clifden. Helm: Colin Snow
2nd Place: 'The Gym', Dublin. Helm: Colin Gaffney
3rd Place: 'Double Trouble', Kinsale. Helm: Aileen Mann (Rookie Season!)

A huge congrats to the above, and indeed to all our teams this year.

As the season closes, we're able to announce that we've had over 60,000 spectators watching us race!!! (Just take a look at some of the crowd shots from the races below to get some idea of crowds). That's simply phenomenal and we'd like to thank the organisers of these events, and also the general public who've been turning out in such huge numbers.

We had a full compliment of eight boats racing regularly in the most competitive season any of us have ever witnessed. Great tight racing in super locations in front of a large audience - that's what this sport always promised, and now it's delivering.

Inside in the boats we've also got some interesting news. Over one-third of our crews are now female - something that's unheard of in an 'extreme' sport. What's more, they're now starting to kick the guys asses in some races this could get very interesting!! Within those numbers we've got 2 female pilots and 4 female co-pilots, and with more and more new crews looking to get involved and actively training in the background, things are going from strength to strength.

2013 promises even more, with great racing, new teams and a World Championship in the UK later in the year. Our sport's never been healthier.

So .....'Season One' done and dusted, and we'd love to hear from you if you'd like to get involved - either as a team, crew, official, helper.