Saturday, 28 March 2015
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Get Involved

It really couldn't be easier to get involved with the World's Wildest Watersport. Whatever your experience, wherever you live - there's almost certainly an opportunity to discover Thundercat Racing really close to you.

Simply get in touch with us through the contact page and we'll be more than happy to take you out for a run - it'll cost you nowt, nada, diddly-squat, zilch (bear in mind that this will be totally at your own risk - we're a voluntary structure so crews will be giving up their time for free). If you like it (which you most certainly will), then we'll take you through all of the options open to you - from just getting involved casually and using a cat for normal leisure use, right up to sourcing your own boat for racing at national and international level.  Contact Us

If you decide you fancy the racing side, then you need to get a few things sorted - many of which are required by our national authority (the ISA). First up is a Level 2 Powerboat qualification - this will give you the basics of boating in clear and understandable manner. It's as much use for the Thundercats as it is for any kind of powerboat, so it's something you'll always benefit from (most training centres in the country offer this qualification). The next piece of the jigsaw is to get some class-specific Thundercat race-training, and that's something we've developed ourselves in conjunction with our UK counterparts. Training is run regularly and it'll give you all the skills and knowledge to safely mix it up with a racing fleet.
(Costs: Most ISA Training Centres in Ireland run the Level 2 Powerboat Course and the cost varies between €300 & €400. Thundercat Race Training is free to all P750 Class Association members but they might be asked to contribute nominally to any costs associated with the training - this shouldn't be any more than €50)

Get your Powerboat Racing License. Once you have your 'Level 2' and your 'Class-specific training' you're now ready to apply for your license, and this is done through the ISA. Naturally we'll be happy to guide you through all the steps. You should also consider joining the Irish P750 Class Association as they're the folks who work tirelessly to organise and promote the sport. You can see their constitution and membership forms on the documents and forms page.
(Costs: The ISA charge €250 for a pilot's license and €125 for a co-pilot. Membership of the Irish P750 Class Association is €50)

If you haven't done so already, get yourself a boat. Lots of options here, from new to second-hand and while we don't sell the cats we usually have a good idea of where the best bargains can be found.
(Costs: New boat costs less than €10,000, second-hand from around €2,500)

Go racing! This year we've got five great rounds of the National Championship in exciting venues right across the country, plus we'll also have some teams and support crew at the World Championships in Norway.  
(Costs: €100 per boat entry per race - heavily discounted for Class Association members. Note: Both crew must be members of the Class Association to qualify for discounts)

Our Community
While racing at the very top level is what gets many people going - and it's something many of our racers do very well - we've got lots of folks who just want to hit the water on a regular basis for some good old-fashioned fun ....and we're happy to oblige. We're on the water pretty much every weekend, regardless of the conditions, so a few hours on the water is never more than a few days away for you. While many of our Thundercatters should really be kept locked away from polite society you'll find that they're a friendly bunch - most of them don't bite ...and we've muzzled those that do - so we've got a pretty good social side to the whole sport. It's water, it's waves, it's exhilerating and it's all available to you come on and join the team!

Health and Safety
P750 (Thundercat) Racing Ireland has a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy to make sure that our teams can race safely and securely, to minimise risk to themselves or those around them. We ensure, by regular risk assessments and through continuous monitoring, that the safety of our people and those around which we operate are paramount at all times. We work extremely closely with sister racing communities around the world to ensure that we're always working to international best practise.

Looking to buy a boat?
There are three main hull manufacturers (and they all use the same Tohatsu 50hp engine). These are Aquarius, Ceasar and Gemini - each with their own good and bad points. There are a few other manufacturers - some ok, some really not so good at all we'd strongly recommend that you get good advice before parting with your readies. We don't actually sell them here at Thundercat Racing Ireland - we prefer to be able to give you impartial advice and then send you out there looking. A new rig (boat, engine, trailer, tank, etc.) should come in well under €10k and a decent second-hand rig could start from as little as €2,500. Again, we're here to help with free and impartial advice.